Green Ivy Schools is a forward-thinking school learning environment that embraces all aspects of technology and advocates for children Nursery through 8th grade to learn coding, robotics, engineering, and to become increasingly familiar with tools and concepts related to virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the ways in which technological innovations can support enhanced learning and problem solving.

We are looking for a unique individual that possesses experience and passion in the area of educational technology specifically for our target age group. This means that you must be knowledgeable about the very latest tools that support technological exploration for children.

We will look to you to lead and teach our teachers, our students and our families in the use and application of technology for learning at school and beyond. This is a position for someone who is expert in age appropriate technology and understands how children at the early elementary level learn best.

We will ask you to support our students and teachers as they collaborate daily in the classroom, and we will ask you to participate in weekly curriculum planning with our elementary school teaching team. You will play a critical role as a spokesperson for our forward-thinking approach to technology during open houses and tours where we invite prospective families to consider our program.

We are proud to be an International Baccalaureate program, which means that learning is dynamic and led by the interests of our students. Work is project-based and rich in authenticity and real-world application. Students build a path of inquiry under the mentorship of their teachers and through an intensely collaborative process that is rigorous and more sophisticated than in a typical school setting. This pedagogical approach lends itself naturally to the use of technology for learning, for sharing and for problem-solving