Pine Street Middle School launches officially in Fall 2020 with 6thGrade, growing through 8thGrade year by year. We are searching for a qualified, experienced and enthusiastic Middle School teacher. This is a unique opportunity for you to participate in the development of the Middle School as one of the founding teachers, contributing your expertise and innovative thinking.

How tech savvy are you? Have you experienced AR, VR or AI? As a Middle School teacher, you must be highly skilled in technology, ideally having experienced a wide range of digital tools, media and learning environments for teaching, learning and assessing. Our ideal candidate embraces technology and sees it as a tool that empowers the learner. Surviving kit: innovation, teamwork and flexibility! You will join a fast-paced environment so having excellent time management skills is key.

Collaboration is king. Teachers plan with dual language, specialists and different grade level team members to develop and improve our Curriculum. You must be someone with exceptional communication skills and a nurturing, supportive approach. Effective and frequent communication with parents is expected, our goal is to guide and support them through the rich and complex experience of Middle School.

The Middle School will follow a 50/50 immersion model (English+ Spanish), inviting teachers to promote cross-cultural activities and the dual language immersion program in the school and community.

Pine Street School has no walls, our teachers are encouraged to navigate the city and research sources, to get real-life experiences. You will be asked to actively utilize New York City as a resource for learning and to involve your students in sustainable community service projects and experiences. The city is our classroom and we mean it!

Teachers work closely with the Head of School and the Middle School Director to evaluate student progress, support the teaching team and build their practice. Professional development, planning sessions & frequent parent communications are one of our team’s priorities.