It all begins with our two-year old program, the foundation of our school! We see two-year old’s as capable individuals on their journey to independence, supporting their development and guiding their parents through this stage. If you master this age group, it is your motivation and you crave working with them, this is the right place for you.

Now let’s talk about Technology. What does AR, VR and AI stand for in your world? How familiar, but mostly, how comfortable are you using these? Pine Street School is welcoming teachers who are highly skilled in technology, even with children in the early years. Our ideal candidate embraces and sees it as a tool that empowers the learner. Surviving kit: innovation, teamwork and flexibility! You will join a fast-paced environment so having excellent time management skills is key.

Collaboration is king, we work in a co-teaching model developing the school's ethos and supporting relationships amongst students of all ages. You need to be able and willing to change diapers. The class size is ten children working with two teachers. Our Montessori Toddler classroom utilizes IB Units of Inquiry to shape the works. Teachers plan with dual language, specialists and different grade level team members to develop and improve our Curriculum.

When working with Toddlers you are often also working with parents who are new to parenting. Therefore, you must be someone with exceptional communication skills and a nurturing, supportive approach. Our goal is to guide and support parents through the journey of the two’s, helping them learn what their children are capable of and how they can best provide support to them along the way. Effective and frequent communication with parents is expected.

We follow a 50/50 immersion model (English+ Spanish OR Mandarin), inviting teachers to promote cross-cultural activities and the dual language immersion program in the school and community. You will be expected to help as a native Spanish/Mandarin/English-speaker, modeling for students and helping them maximize their learning by utilizing the target language consistently in the classroom.

Pine Street School has no walls, our teachers are encouraged to navigate the city and research sources, to get real-life experiences. You will be asked to actively utilize New York City as a resource for learning and to involve your students in sustainable community service projects and experiences. The city is our classroom and we mean it!

Teachers work closely with the Head of School and PYP Coordinator to evaluate student progress, support the teaching team and build their practice. Professional development, planning sessions & frequent parent communications are one of our team’s priorities.

Qualifications & experience: With grace and courtesy, we welcome teachers who have been working with children 24-36 months of age for at least (3) years. You must have completed a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a related field. Master’s degree is highly desired and Montessori training or experience a plus. We are a Spanish & Mandarin immersion school, and so native Spanish AND/OR Mandarin is highly desired.